The 10 Steps to Meditation

Meditation can be performed in many ways

When it comes to relieving the stress and anxiety that builds up during the day, few methods are more effective than meditation. For many, the practice of meditation brings about a calm, inner peace that wipes away the troubles that have been building up over time. Furthermore, for those who practice the art of meditation on a regular basis, it often provides a platform for better health and an overall greater enjoyment of life.

The key to effective meditation is not relaxation as we might know it, but instead focusing the mind to the extent that everything else falls away. Meditation is one of the most effective ways to calm the thoughts you are having by choosing something to focus on and contemplate.

For those who want to start meditating as a way to alleviate the stress and anxiety that builds up during the day, there are many ways that you can start. You don’t need to read a lot of books or study different materials to mediate. All you really need is a place to go where you can quiet your mind and focus your thoughts so that you can really enjoy the benefits that this practice will bring to you.


Listening to your favorite music is a way to help take your mind away from your troubles. However, you should do more than just focus on how the music makes you feel. Instead, you should try to focus your concentration on the lyrics themselves or hone in on a particular instrument. You can also sing along which will definitely help you overcome the troubles of the day.


The exercise and art of yoga is one that offers a great way to meditate. In fact, the practice itself is built upon meditation techniques. So, not only are you getting into shape, you are also focusing the mind on your movement and breathing so that the stress flows away from your body.

Yoga for meditation

Turn Your Commute Into Quiet Time

While your focus should be on the road, you will want to eliminate the distractions that usually emanate from your vehicle. Turn down the loud music and focus your thoughts on driving. Pay attention to the road ahead and be extra mindful about your vehicle and those around you. Basically, by becoming more aware you not are safer when driving, but more relaxed as well.

Drink Slowly

Either for breakfast or after work drink something that you enjoy slowly and let it roll down your tongue. Tea is the most common beverage for drinking after work that helps you to calm down and focus the mind. Here, you want to drink it slowly to enjoy every drop. After five minutes of focusing the mind, you’ll find yourself feeling better.


One of the best exercises that helps promote good meditation is walking. Many people walk just to help clear the mind and process the thoughts of the day. Walking is not only good for the mind, but for the body as well since you can improve your own health by taking a daily walk. Remember to focus your mind on the act of walking where putting one foot in front of the other takes on an entirely new meaning.


The art of cooking is one that is enjoyed by many people and it is actually a form of meditation as well. By focusing on adding the ingredients at the right time, your mind slips away from the troubles of the day and is instead concerned about adding the right spices and making sure everything falls into place.

Keep a Journal

At the end of every day, write down all the things that really got under your skin and asses them. This is a way of transferring what is in your mind to paper so that you can work through your troubles. Pretty soon, you will get to the point where it seems you have nothing left to write about. That is when you will start writing with a greater presence that will help calm the mind and body.

Create a Work of Art

You may not be a Michelangelo, but you can express yourself through your art which can be painting, drawing, sculpting or whatever you want to do in order to create something that you can proudly call your own. Be sure to set aside a little time each day to pursue your craft.

Enjoy Your Meal

Eating is one of the great pleasures in life and it should be enjoyed fully. This does not mean that you should over indulge, but instead you should enjoy each bite of your meal and savor the flavor and texture of it. You can even focus your mind to smell all the ingredients that were used and even feel it in your fingers before putting it in your mouth.

Focus on Breathing

This is one of the simplest of meditation techniques. Feel your lungs as you breathe in and out slowly which will help focus the mind. You don’t have to wait until the end of the day either as you can do a little breathing exercises anytime you need to relieve yourself from the stress. Do a count along with your breathing to ensure that it is even and controlled.

Of course, you can choose a number of different methods of meditation as it is a personal experience that you should enjoy. Whether you choose to sit in the lotus position and touch the end of your thumb and finger is really up to you. The fact is that effective meditation is the art of focusing the mind so that it calms the thoughts. In this manner, you can significantly reduce your stress and feel better while becoming healthier.


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