Signs You May Have Lived Before

Life is fleeting, but the soul is eternal. Reincarnation is not just a belief, but a vital part of our existence. What we have done in the past will affect our lives today and in the future. But the knowledge that all people have lived past lives is shrouded in the confines of the mind. The information is there, but accessing it is not easy.

The Hindu believe that once you pass away, your soul moves into another life form. While some religions do not subscribe to reincarnation, the truth is that there is evidence of having lived a past life within us all. What follows are a few signs that you have lived a past life.

Déjà vu

The meaning of déjà vu is feelings or insight of things or events that you have never witnessed before but feel as though you have. It can start with seeing images, tasting food, hearing sounds, and even certain scents or odors. The sense of déjà vu can seem real and cause confusion since you cannot recollect when or where you might have had this experience before.

It may be that déjà vu is not imagination, but rather that is it the aftermath or residue from a previous life that comes back to your memory.

Black Sheep

You love your parents, but you do not feel as closely connected to them as your siblings. Such black sheep often do not have a close connection to their families as well. It’s as if your real family is out there somewhere. You may have dreams of other people being your parents or living in places that you have never visited. It’s all a part of being reincarnated as you look for new experiences outside your family.

Affinity for Past Cultures

It’s more than a simple interest. It is a strong connection to a certain time, such as a civilization that has long passed. Or perhaps a more recent time of great struggle, such as the World Wars of the 20thcentury. Whatever the case, you feel more at home in a past time than you do today. This is a strong indication that you may have led a past life in a time and culture significantly different compared to today.

Considerable Empathy

Those who have been reincarnated feel empathy to their core being. They believe in bringing life and peace to those around them and focus on healing as part of their existence. Those who have such empathy may find it difficult to exist in today’s world, but they do their best to cope, survive, and help everyone they can along the way.

Conversation King

Those who have lived in the past often are great conversationalist. They have a real desire to connect with others and talk for hours on end if they could. But this is not light talk. Instead, the subjects veer into deeper areas such as philosophy, history, science, the arts, and even the universe. The hunger to find out more and be with those who share the same feelings is a good indication that they have lived before and are eager to see what is in the future.

Feeling Like You Don’t Belong Here

There are many people who seem out of step with the times. They do not feel comfortable in the modern world but cannot locate exactly where they might belong. Even when you are home with your family, there is a feeling that you need to be someplace else. And you never feel comfortable in this world no matter where you go.

Keen Intuition

One of the most interesting aspects of the human condition is the sense of intuition. This is the combination of the conscious and unconscious mind that results in the ability to feel things that might happen with relatively little information to go on. It could be that part of intuition is the experiences of past lives coming through to help guide decisions that are made today.

Memories from Seemingly Nowhere

Children are particularly in tune with their previous lives as they recall events, people, or objects that they have never seen in their time on Earth. The memories are often spontaneous and can be verified if enough detail is provided. It also happens to adults sometimes, but with children the memories of a previous life are often discounted as imagination or misunderstanding. But there have been many cases of event recounted by a child that have proven to be true.

Recurring Dreams that Revolve Around a Powerful Event

Some of the experiences you gained in a previous life may come back to you in the form of recurring dreams. It may be of a place, a person, or an event that you have not experienced in this life. Since dreams can be elusive at times, you may see some familiar faces, but the place or the event itself may come from another life that you have experienced before.

Seeing the Future

Predicting future events has been part of many cultures for thousands of years. While most of us only hear of the occasional success and not the many failures, there are some who seem to have particular insight into events that have yet to occur. The visions are usually not direct, but more along the lines of feelings or visions that have no clear direction. It can often happen in dreams where the connection to the subconscious world is much stronger.

Of course, not everyone who has one or more of these feelings is necessarily reincarnated. Or is experiencing memories of a past life. What can be said is that those who do feel a connection to something far away in both place and time are often those who have lived a past life. Whether only a chosen few are reincarnated or that it is more extensive than we realize, what is true is that there are dreams, signs, and symbols that are there for those who have lived in the past to recognize.

Reincarnation doesn’t simply mean that at the end of this life you will move on to another life in another body, it means that the spirit of life is continually renewing itself and moving to a higher level. – Frederick Lenz

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