Colors Speak Volumes in Gift Giving

Colors of Gift Giving
Colors in Gift Giving Speak Volumes


When you are looking to give your friends and family unique gifts that will make memories for a lifetime, there are lots of elements that you will want to consider. One critical piece, which you may not always think of, is the color of your gift. Every color has a different meaning. In order to truly customize your gift ideas, you will definitely want to consider the meaning of the colors associated with your present.


This, like many colors, features a range of different meanings. Red is associated with both fire and blood. As a result, this color evokes thoughts of power, energy, strength, determination, passion, and even desire. This is a popular choice for those looking for unique gifts for a lover. This color is very easy to see and thus draws a lot of attention. Thus, getting a gift wrapped in red paper or bow suggests that this piece is ready to grab hold of the room’s attention.


When we see this color, we typically feel the happiness which sunshine brings. This can make your gift receiver feel warm, cheerful and generally stimulated. This means you will harness their attention in a pleasant way. Similar to red, yellow is a color, which draws the human eye, so it is a great choice when looking to emphasize something important. This is a great option for gifts for all occasions.


This beautiful color combines elements of both red and yellow. It is often associated with the tropics. If you are looking to evoke enthusiasm, happiness, creativity, encouragement, or stimulation, this is a great option. Opting for a red-orange, in particular, evokes pleasure, aggression, strength, endurance and a thirst for action. You can use the meaning of this beautiful color for a variety of the gifts you send out to your loved one.


What better way to connect to Mother Nature than utilizing the color green? This symbolizes growth, freshness, and harmony. It is thought that this color has a healing power. Dark green is often associated with money and ambition. Aqua connotes emotional healing as well as protection. If you are looking to communicate to your more natural-oriented gift receivers, this is a great option when creating some unique gifts.


This color is associated with both the sky and the sea. Not too surprisingly, it also corresponds to both depth and stability. This color can symbolize a variety of different things including trust, wisdom, intelligence, and truth. Blue is generally thought to be connected to benefit both the mind and body. If your unique gifts are communicating tranquility and calmness, this color is the perfect choice. Light blue, in particular, emphasizes healing, understanding, and softness.


This color is often associated with success, luxury, prosperity, abundance, high quality. In almost every country and culture around the world, physical gold is often related to royalty, prestige and wealth. Psychologically, gold is a masculine and warm color which denotes energy and power just like the Sun.

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