How to Find Positivity During Uncertain Times

How to Find Positivity in Uncertain Times

It can be difficult to stay positive even when the times are good. Today, with the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, it may seem to many that staying positive is not possible. It does pay to consider that our ancestors suffered through times that were arguably far worse and they managed to keep positive. They worked hard, stayed focused, and looked for the silver lining that kept up their spirits.

The lessons of the past can be applied today along with new avenues of opportunity that you can take advantage of. What follows are a few ways you can find positivity during these uncertain times.

Be Thankful for What You Have

With so much trouble in the world, it can be easy to lose focus on what is important in your life. Take a moment each day to reflect on what keeps you positive. Your partner, family, and friends are the most importing things in your life, so take the time to appreciate having them with you. And don’t forget your home, pets, and the things that you treasure from the sofa to your hobbies.

By being thankful for what you have, it provides the foundation for what you can do next. And the key to finding positivity is looking ahead once you have appreciated what you have.

The best thing to do when you find yourself in a hurting or vulnerable place is to surround yourself with the strongest, finest, most positive people you know.  – Kristin Armstrong

Turn Off the News

The reason why most news programs are negative is because that is what gets your attention. And while you should stay informed, there comes a time when the repetitiveness of the bad news brings down your positivity. It’s difficult enough to stay positive even when little is happening in the world, so limit the time you spend watching the news each day. Stay informed, but do not let the news get you down.

Make Time for Laughter

Laughter is the best medicine because it brings out your joyful side. Set aside a little time each day for lightening your spirits by telling jokes, listening to your favorite comedians, or finding humor in the everyday events that your life brings you. A little laughter each day can go a long way to helping you feel better.

Laughter is an instant vacation.  – Milton Berle

Get Outside

Being cooped up in your home is not fostering any positivity in your life. So, take the time to get outside. Whether it is to walk around the block, go shopping, or taking a drive to a new location, being outside helps boost your feelings of positivity.

You can set aside a couple of hours each week to take a short trip to a location that you have never visited. A park, store, or another place that not only provides for a new experience, but gets some Vitamin D in your system from being outside. Of course, don’t forget your mask!

Set Goals

If there is one aspect of feeling like you have hit rock bottom that is any good, it is knowing that there is nowhere to go but up. You can generate positivity in your life by setting goals and achieving them one after the other.

They can be straightforward goals such as getting in better shape, losing weight, or taking on that home project you have been putting off. The best way to start is with goals that you can easily achieve, such as cleaning up a dirty room or garage in one day. Just remember to set both short terms goals that can be done quickly along with long-term goals of where you want to be six months or a year from now.

Explore Your Spiritual Side

You do not have to go to a religious place to examine your spiritual side, but you should consider this aspect of your life. Finding inner peace and putting the events of the world into their proper perspective is what exploring your spiritual side is all about. Your parents, grandparents, and those who lived before them found comfort by focusing more on their spiritual outlook and you can benefit from that as well.

Inner peace doesn’t come from getting what we want, but from remembering who we are. – Marianne Williamson

Create a New Exercise Routine

If you want to get into shape, then start up a new exercise routine. Just remember to avoid the mistake that so many people make when they want to lose weight or improve muscle tone. It took you a long time to get into the shape that you are in, so it will take some time to get to be in the shape you want.

Start with one exercise, such as walking around the block, doing a few resistance exercises, yoga, or just stretching for a few minutes. Start small and work your way up over time to get into better shape. Creating a new exercise routine will help you stay positive and work towards the goal of better fitness. And being fit and healthy will mean more positivity in your life.

Start a New Venture

Positivity is connected to achieving something that you have always dreamed about. Or being in a situation other than what you are experiencing right now. Money may not be all things, but it is better to have more money than less. This means that if you are relying on one stream of income you should consider starting up a venture that creates another.

It doesn’t have to take up much of your time at first, but whether your goal is to have extra cash to pay the bills or become financially independent, starting up a small business is a must. You may do some consulting, sell products, engage in freelance work, or whatever works best for you. It may take some time and you may have failures along the way, but when you learn from your mistakes and persist, the results may far exceed what you expected.

You do not have to engage in all the activities listed to improve your positivity. But you do need to shake up your routine if what you doing now is not working. Finding positivity in your life starts from within and works its way into you daily life. By changing course, you can not only find positivity, but can build on it until your life becomes one new adventure that you look forward to pursuing every day.

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen. – Sukhraj S. Dhillon

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