Signs You May Have Lived Before

Life is fleeting, but the soul is eternal. Reincarnation is not just a belief, but a vital part of our existence. What we have done in the past will affect our lives today and in the future. But the knowledge that all people have lived past lives is shrouded in the confines of the mind. The information is there, but accessing it is not easy.

The Hindu believe that once you pass away, your soul moves into another life form. While some religions do not subscribe to reincarnation, the truth is that there is evidence of having lived a past life within us all. What follows are a few signs that you have lived a past life. Continue reading “Signs You May Have Lived Before”

10 Ways to Pursue Living Your Dreams

Pursue Your Dreams
Life is a Gift – Pursue Your Dreams

Everyone has dreams, but unfortunately most people do not take the opportunity to pursue them when they have the chance. You only live once, so it is important to get as much in as you can in terms of fulfilling your dreams so they can become a reality. Of course, in order to accomplish this goal you will need to take the time necessary to make your dreams come true. Continue reading “10 Ways to Pursue Living Your Dreams”