The Power of Self Fulfillment

The power of self fulfillment

To know the true power of self fulfillment starts with the understanding of what fulfillment is for the individual. For some, it is the attainment of a satisfying life that was lived well while for others it is dipping into the deepest capacities for living while on this Earth. Fulfillment is certainly quite powerful and when achieved can be an incredibly rewarding experience both personally and for the loved ones around you.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain

However, despite the rewards of obtaining self fulfillment it is very easy to stray from the path and wind up wasting a great deal of your life without focusing on what is truly necessary. This is because when we focus on the roadway to fulfillment we create more meaningful, long lasting moments and our own personal lives becomes better, more contented and meaningful as well.

How to Achieve Self Fulfillment?

There are many ways to achieve this goal, you only have to set your mind on where you want to be and then take the action necessary to get there.

Let Go: One of the most difficult things to do is let go of your past. Everyone makes mistakes and if everyone could go back in time they would more than likely make some corrections. However, most of what we think of as mistakes came from our inexperience which means that we learned, grew and became better as a result if we learned the lesson it taught. So, instead of re-living the past where you feel like a failure or believed you could have done better, it is time to let all of that go. You can never achieve real happiness unless you can let go of your past and embrace the future.

Give Gifts: One of the best ways to enjoy this particular feeling is giving gifts to your friends and family on a regular basis. You don’t have to go bankrupt or even spend that much money in finding the type of gifts that provide them with a little joy in their lives as you start to feel more fulfilled in yours. In fact, giving in general promotes some of the best feelings that you can experience so it should become a part of your life. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and events are the most common times to give, but you can also give just because you feel like it which often is the most fulfilling of them all.

Love Who You Are: There is an old saying that before you get married, you should look in the mirror and ask if you would be happy spending the rest of your life with the reflection that you see. None of us are perfect and it would be difficult to find more than a few perhaps that have lived the perfect life. Nevertheless, too many of us punish ourselves too much for things that can never be undone. So, before you can find true fulfillment in your life, you will need to look at that person in the mirror and get to love them for who they are so that you can then move on with your life.

Listen to Your Heart: If you’ve noticed with many success stories that are presented on TV when someone makes a lot of money doing a particular activity, they will inevitably say that along their way to success was those who told them to stop. Most often the people that were the most negative were close loved ones who may have intended the best for them, but often provided the biggest barriers to fulfilling their dreams. Instead, of listening to the negative and what might go wrong, listen to your heart and follow your dreams to what you know is right. While there is always room for good advice to help you on your way,

Forgive Others and Forgive Yourself: It is interesting that so many people are willing to forgive others for what they did to them, but are not willing to forgive themselves for things that often pale in comparison. However, in order to achieve your dreams you must be able to forgive both yourself and others while letting go of the past. Our memories are based in moments of time, so being able to see what has happened in your past can help you in forgiving yourself so that you can move on with your life. Remember that the past only exists in your memories, so do not allow them to intrude on your future by forgiving yourself and those who have wronged you of these actions.

Write Your Ideal Life Story and Go Out and Live It: The future is what you make of it, so go ahead and plan it out so that you can reach the blissful state of self fulfillment and achieve your dreams. You are in control of your actions, so the best way to start is with a simple outline of what you want to do and then how you will go about achieving your goals. As the author, you are in control of the story so do not shy away from writing down your dreams and then fulfilling them.

“People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.”- Dalai Lama XIV

The Result of Self Fulfillment

Interestingly enough, for most people who achieve that particular state there is no great celebration, no fireworks or even jumping up and down although there should be some type of recognition about the achievement you have made. Instead, most people who have achieved the state of self fulfillment tend to reflect on what they have done and then set their sights on the future.

The best part of achieving your goals is that they never really stop as they only await you to set new goals and go out and achieve them as well. There will come a time in the future when you no longer are setting what goals you want to achieve, but hopefully that is a long way off because there is really nothing like being fulfilled in life and then sharing it with others so that they can glimpse what you are experiencing.

Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours – Les Brown


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