10 Creative Ways to Say Sorry

10 Creative Ways to Say Sorry

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There are going to be times in your life where you may be on the wrong side of a situation and must apologize. It’s not always the desirable place to be, but it is one that inevitably most people find themselves in. When such moments happen, it is appropriate to apologize and express regret over the actions or words that you have used.

“The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway.” – Henry Boye

Of course, it helps if you find a creative way to apologize because it not only shows your sincerity, but it also demonstrates your effort at making things right again. Here are just 10 creative ways to apologize and do it in a way that will be greatly appreciated.

Apology Quotes from Famous People

Even famous people have apologized and their words can become yours if you need to say you are sorry. Just look up a few quotes and write them down in a card or letter that will help you express your feelings with the added advantage of using famous people. You can choose from noted scientists to politicians to celebrities as practically all of them have famous apology quotes.

Bag of Nuts

One of the simplest, least expensive, yet most effective ways of expressing your apology is by purchasing some nuts, putting them in a bag, and writing “I’m sorry I drove you nuts” on the side. It’s just too cute and funny which means it will help you express your apology in the right way. For those who are looking to say they are sorry and yet keep it within a tight budget, this is the way to go.

Create a Love Book

This is a short journal where you state on every page why you love them so much. You can purchase a 10 to 20-page book that is perfect for making your apology and writing down why you care about them the way that you do. You can add a card to the gift to personalize it even more and add other gifts if you like depending on how much you need to apologize.

Dinner at Their Favorite Restaurant

Another nifty way to say you are sorry is taking them to their favorite place to eat. This can help brighten their mood as well as make your apology even more effective. You can be creative by coming up with a dinner invitation in print or electronic form and send it to them in the form of an apology. The good news is that their favorite place to dine may be yours as well, so you can both enjoy the evening.

Give a Gift

Simple, yet very effective, a gift tells the person that you have given some thought to your apology and want to make amends in the right way. You’ll want to find a gift that is simple, but works well for the occasion. A gift basket or tea set makes for a wonderful apology gift because they will be impressed and you can share it the gift with each other that makes the moment even more memorable. Of course, if you know something personally that will work better as a gift, then you can send them that as well.

“An apology is a lovely perfume; it can transform the clumsiest moment into a gracious gift.” – Margaret Lee Runbeck

Old Photos

This is another way to say “I’m sorry” and provide a little nostalgia by including old photos with both of you. By reminding them of the past, you can bring back the good memories that will help them get past their current feelings when combined with a proper apology. It also helps to put things in perspective so that they can see how you feel when making the apology. All in all, this is one of the best ways to make amends by using old photos that remind them of where both of you have been.


A poem or engaging in poetry is one of better, more creative ways to say you are sorry for your actions. They know it takes some thought and work to write a poem to express how you feel. Therefore, it is one of the most creative ways to say you are sorry. Plus, you can be funny and self-depreciating which makes the experience even better. Writing a poem or even just reciting the right poetry can make all the difference when it comes to your apology.

Secret Message

This is another oldie, but a goodie as you leave behind a few messages in places that they will find. You can put them on a sticky note and place them in the closet, on the back of a cabinet door, under their purse or belongings that they take with them every day, or even in the car on the steering wheel. Use your imagination, but keep in mind that the idea is they should find the note quickly. So, if you must say you are sorry, do so by leaving behind a secret message that they will appreciate.

T – Shirt

For married couples, one investment that you might want to make is in a t-shirt with “I’m sorry” written on it. By wearing it around all day long, you can show them just how you feel and take a bit of ridicule that may be deserved. It’s worth the embarrassment of wearing that t-shirt just to drive home the point that you are sorry for what happened. Plus, if you have the t-shirt in your closet, you can use it when it is needed rather than having to custom order it and wait until it arrives.

Voice Note

You can say you are sorry with a voice note along with singing a little song just to make the point even more emphatic. It’s creating a silly moment that can break the tension and bring your apology home. Plus, you can be very creative in terms of the words, phrases, and ditty you come up with to apologize in the right way. Plus, you can go back to the voice note again in the future when you need a creative way to say “I’m sorry”.

“An apology is the super glue of life. It can repair just about anything.” – Lynn Johnston




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