Can Gemstones and Pearls Heal with Positive Energy?

Can Pearls Heal with Positive Energy
Mystical Powers of Pearls

There is little doubt about the value of gemstones and pearls in terms of their cost. However, there is more to pearl jewelry than its price and stunning appearance. Gemstones and pearls carry with them a positive energy that can be quite healing in nature as well as provide many powerful attributes to your daily life.

“The rarest things in the world, next to a spirit of discernment, are diamonds and pearls.”  – Jean de La Bruyere

A pearl starts out as an irritant in the body of a mollusk, usually a grain of sand that gets encased in layers of nacre over and over again until a pearl is eventually formed. From its humble beginnings, it’s little wonder that pearls in particular have a role in terms of providing positive energy. Because a pearl is a gem that has been nourished by the mollusk, it contains healing properties that have been used for many centuries in Asian cultures and many even believe that it offers metaphysical properties as well.

The Positive Energy of Pearls and Gems

Pearls can be used like crystals in providing the positive energy needed to bring about a more peaceful state of mind. Crystals have been used for centuries in bringing positive energy by their exact positioning on the body and pearls act in the same manner. The calming and centering aspects of pearls are world renowned, so it should be of little surprise that they contain the same basic elements as crystals.

Perhaps the greater popularity of crystals in terms of delivering positive energy is the fact that they may be more abundant and do not have the overall monetary value of pearls. However, pearls provide the same type of energy and healing power that makes them the equivalent of gemstones and crystals and can be worn for long periods of time to provide the proper balance and energy that is needed.

The Physical Healing Properties

Pearl jewelry has healing properties in addition to the energy and centering aspects that it brings as well. Pearls have been used to treat the muscles, skin and even the digestive tract. When crushed into a powder, pearls have been used as tonic herbs to help enhance beauty. This was very common among the royalty in Asian cultures where pearl powder was used to prevent the skin from developing dark pigmentation because of sun exposure or the aging process.

This is because the powder created from pearls incorporates SOD antioxidants which work to reduce blemishes, scarring and wrinkling and create healthier skin. In addition, the Chinese have used the healing power of pearls in the treatment of many different conditions. While pearl powder today is mostly used for cosmetic purposes, the healing power and energy it contains is still recognized in treating skin conditions.

Today, health addicts from around the world are recognizing the power of the pearl as well as various gemstones in the healing process. The powder provides much needed minerals for the body that includes calcium, iron and magnesium and even important amino acids. Regular ingestion of small amounts of pearl powder can help keep bones healthy and teeth strong.

How it Affects your Mood?

Beyond the actual properties that can be found in pearls there is the energy, which can help balance, your moods and provide a soothing, calming effect. Of course, wearing pearl jewelry can certainly provide a powerful cosmetic effect on its own, but there is more to it than its looks. Many people have used pearls to help relieve the following conditions;

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Tension

By addressing these issues, the pearl has become more popular in many circles thanks to the impressive results. By bringing a sense of calm, the pearl is being noticed for its healing energy and soothing nature. The good news about pearl powder is that it is now available as a dietary supplement so you don’t have to grind up your pearl jewelry to get the effect.

Pearls as Healing Stones

While the powder is certainly quite effective, it is the energy that they provide which is proving most interesting. Pearls are basically round, luminous objects of immense beauty and when placed together in a bracelet or necklace can be quite stunning to view. However, the energy they provide for the body thanks to its brilliance and reflective qualities are what more people are turning toward when using them in a similar manner to gemstones.

While Western medical science has yet to weigh in on the value of pearls to the health of the body, there is an unmistakable energy that they provide which is most relaxing to those who wear pearls on a regular basis. This is particular true if the pearls are centered on the body so that the energy can be properly displaced.

The elements of energy and healing properties that they posses can even help enhance the personal integrity of those who wear them. This is because wearing pearl jewelry in the proper manner can bring about the “best self” in situations where the most appropriate action can be taken. While this does not mean that pearls will somehow change a person’s inner nature, it can help bring out their best nature, which provides a pathway towards healing and better personal integrity.

It has also been said that the pearl can help restore the balance to the natural rhythm cycles that the body undergoes as well as better tuning with nature. The peace and serenity that it brings allows for clearer thoughts and more focused intentions that make for a daily routine which helps calm and bring a sense of balance that otherwise would be missing.

Arguably, it is the combination of attributes that has allowed for the pearl to reach a venerated place as a healing stone, energy source and provider of balance in people’s lives. While it cannot be considered a “miracle”, it can be stated that the proper use of pearl powder to help strengthen the bones and pearl jewelry to focus the energy of the body does offer a real sense of balance and well being that few other gemstones can match.

“Pearls are always appropriate” – Jackie Kennedy



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