How to Create Positive Energy in Your Life?

Positive Energy from Sun

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn”

― John Muir, The Mountains of California

The world creates, is made from, and emits energy. It’s a life force and a vibration that can be felt and can influence everything around it. Some energy is subtle; you might feel it deep down, or not at all. Others are powerful and overtake people in emotion and are universally recognized through art, writing, and music. Everything is energy, the universe is energy and we are all energy.

Positive energy is the most sought after energy, and with good reason. The things you ponder over – your thoughts, your choice of words, and your actions – and even your inaction produces energy. They create a vibration and can impact you and those around you. Cultivating positive energy can permeate and affect every area of your life – improving and creating abundant joy within it.

Cultivating Positive Energy Within

“Meditation is not thinking about the image of a person of the past. It is more about focusing and channelizing the power of your emotions and imagination for fulfilling a bigger dream – the dream that will bring more life, energy, peace, happiness and meaning to you and the society.”

― Amit Ray, Nonviolence: The Transforming Power


Yoga is such a spiritual and mindful practice. A dreamer’s escape into dance, this practice is a physical ballet as it is a trip into your breath and soul. Beside the benefits of increased strength, flexibility, harmony within the mind, body, and heart, this practice is entirely your own. It stretches deep within the emotional and spiritual realm for cleansing and healing that touches your body, and mind. Part of creating positive energy is eliminating the bad energy. Yoga improves the mental state to reduce anxiety, tension, and depression. Because yoga requires an intense focus on the breath, and the heart – into the inner working of the body – this practice allows the yogi to devote time to what is truly important. Negative thoughts are relieved as a yogi eases and breaths through the poses. And life’s worries are soothed over as the yogi focuses the way the stretch feels. Yoga takes us away from the world of self and instant gratification into a world of patience and understanding. We work with our bodies, not against our body. We allow the poses, and stretches to feel good and allow ourselves to melt into them. Overtime yoga creates visible changes in the body, progress grows slowly and is done with a peaceful state of mind. Creating this energy daily allows the energy to become a habit and it cultivates a positive energy so powerful it transitions into other areas of our lives.

Self – Love

Make self – love and care a part of you. Learn to accept and love where you are and who you are. Grow in your love over time. The best relationship you will ever have is with yourself. Create a list of admirable qualities about yourself to remind yourself of how wonderful you are. Take time out to take care of your body, mind, and your soul. Set some time to read inspirational books, poems, take a relaxing bath, indulge into some special tea, breath some incense, and take an afternoon walk. Whatever takes you away, intrigues your mind, or sets your heart ablaze. Indulge in the moment and allow yourself to fall in love.

Be Present

People often find themselves going about their day in a numb state, not feeling, not experiencing, and therefore not really living. Positive energy effects more than just us, it affects others. When we’re happy and we allow the energy to pour from us we give others the gift of that energy. It is contagious. When you surround yourself with positive images, and are around positive communities, it’s natural that it rubs off. Live each moment like you mean it. Be present. Live your life. Time is a precious commodity that you can’t get back. Make it a goal not to waste it. People like it when they are talking, working, studying, and interacting with someone who is present. It radiates energy of life with attentive interest. It shows you are interested in today, in the activity, and in the person. And everyone likes to feel that they are being attended to, and being paid attention to. The key is to be fully in the present and now. Leave the negative energy that’s holding you back from the past or in the current situation and allow yourself to focus on what needs to get done. Look at the tasks and activities that make you feel good and need to get done. Do them like you would a yoga practice. Take a deep breath and sooth your way into the task or activity. Do your best, but respect your limits. Work your way with patience and understand towards breaking limits and making progress. Energy is created and manifested every day in our activities. Learn to appreciate moments, and you’ll find profound power in the little to create the positive energy within to create the big things. When you cultivate this energy within you, you make it easier for other to do the same. Starting to get into the habit of choosing our focus, thoughts, words, and deeds attract positivity to us, and that attracts more positive energy our way.

“Stay away from conflictive, negative people that pull you down, because they contaminate your energy and impede your progress. Search for people who look at the world with optimism, that inspire you, make you happy and provide peace of mind.” ― Pablo

Build Energy

Make a list of things that make you feel positive and use that list as your guide into cultivating positivity in your everyday life. Being in nature can energize you, and if it does spend more time outdoors. Or surround yourself with outdoor images to create an outdoor mood indoors. Have outdoor sounds playing in the background as you go about your activities, or take up some outdoor activities like bird watching, star gazing, or daily outdoor walks. If sounds energize you, surround yourself with music you enjoy. Be aware of the natural sounds around you – maybe that bird that flew into that branch to sing a song, or the sound of raindrops. Be present and appreciate what you can enjoy in the moment.

Every time you subtract negativity from your life, you make room for more positive energy


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