The Pursuit of Happiness through Spirituality

The Pursuit of Happiness Through Spirituality

Happiness is defined sometimes as the state of being where mind, body and soul have reached a point of contentment or bliss. While the mind and the body are in the physical world where they can be affected by the thoughts and actions we take, the soul is part of the spiritual world which is more ethereal in nature and for many much harder to grasp.

Understanding spirituality and its meaning will help you find a better, brighter path to happiness. For those who may not believe in an afterlife or religion itself, the spiritual aspect of your life is still present and needs to be nourished so that you may find true happiness.

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude – Denis Waitley

What is Spirituality?

The actual term spirituality is a very broad one that includes virtually any activity of meaning that includes enjoying a blissful experience or some type of personal growth. Despite what some people might interpret, spirituality actually separated from the religious institutions. The traditional view of spirituality is the journey towards forming the personality to fit a higher calling.

However, there is no single interpretation of what spirituality means or the exact steps needed to find happiness in your life through the improvement of your soul. However, most people agree that the spiritual essence should represent the better part of your nature and the more it is nourished through self improvement and enlightenment, the more likely you are to lead a happier life.

Those who have embraced their spiritual side either through religious organizations, philosophy or by self improvement have statistically shown to be happier, healthier and more likely to look forward to the future which creates a greater sense of contentment without settling for their current situation.

Why We Need to Embrace Spirituality?

There are a number of reasons why spirituality should be embraced regardless of your view towards religious organizations or belief system. Spirituality is as important to your own personal health as eating right and exercising regularly. By feeding your spiritual side and embracing the concepts that provide comfort during the worst of times and help create more opportunities to enjoy life during the best of times.

There are a number of benefits that improving your spiritual side will bring and working towards enlightenment will bring along with it a greater sense of being and understanding in the universe. Spirituality does not have all the answers, but it does provide a pathway that offers many advantages over those who choose to ignore this part of their personality.

Contentment: This is not contentment in the sense of being happy of where you are at, but rather a peace of mind that comes with the understanding that there is more out there for you to experience. Those who reject their spiritual side often find themselves frustrated at the limitations that have imposed upon themselves. By embracing the idea that there is a greater meaning out there, they can open up their minds and enjoy a greater sense of contentment knowing that life offers more than just the physical.

Friendship: One of the side effects that spirituality brings when it is pursued in group setting such as what you would find in a church, temple, synagogue, mosque or other religious institution is a friendship and support with others. When you find that your journey towards enlightenment is shared by those who are also seeking the same thing.

Knowledge: An interesting aspect about spirituality is that in many ways it is the search for additional knowledge about ourselves and our place in the universe. To search for something greater and more profound is naturally a pursuit for knowledge that provides an improvement to the current condition. While spirituality is focused more on how people give of themselves, the results are certainly oriented towards having more knowledge as the primary benefit.

How We Can Embrace Spirituality to Become Happy?

Just as there is no single definition of spirituality, there is no singular pathway to becoming happier. However, embracing your spiritual side will provide the necessary tools to help you become a better, more contented and ultimately happier person if you stick to the quest of exploring this part of your nature.

Give of Yourself: The act of reaching out to help others is one of the most common methods of exploring the spiritual side. This may mean volunteer work, being more attentive to family and friends, or simply doing things for others when the opportunity presents itself. There is something about the act of giving small gifts to working on a project for a long period of time that provides a boost to the spiritual side and a greater sense of happiness that life has more meaning beyond your own needs.

Meditation: As you look outward by giving of yourself, you will also need to look inward by using forms of meditation that will provide a new sense of self. Interestingly enough, many people go through their lives without ever knowing who they really are, so meditation is an excellent way to communicate with your inner thoughts and forming the basis for your spiritual quest. Meditation can take the form of sitting in a room for a few minutes looking inward perhaps enhanced by the use of essential oils that provide a fragrance that invokes peace. Of course, a good walk or engaging in yoga may also be opportunities to meditate as well.

Embracing your spirituality is an adventure that is unique to the individual. This means that you will need to find your own path to enlightenment, but the good news is that the journey will take many detours so there are no false starts or missed opportunities. Once you start down the path of embracing your spiritual nature, you are also finding a means to experience more happiness in your life. Feeding the mind, body and spirit is essential for finding true, long lasting happiness and without taking the time to nourish your soul, then happiness that is lasting will always seem just out of reach.

Happiness is spiritual, born of truth and love. It is unselfish; therefore it cannot exist alone, but requires all mankind to share it – Mary Baker Eddy


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