Why Drink Tea Instead of Coffee?

Friends drinking tea
Drink tea instead of coffee and enjoy the benefits!

When it comes to the hot drink of choice, coffee has seemingly surpassed tea in recent years as the beverage of choice. However, there are many advantages to drinking tea over coffee, especially if you want to experience better wellbeing during the day. For millions of people around the world, drinking tea is a way of life. Continue reading “Why Drink Tea Instead of Coffee?”

Different Ways to De-Stress Your Mind, Body and Soul

Take time to relax and be stress free!

To live well means to strike the right balance between spirituality, family, work and play. It is when we get out of balance that our lives start becoming more stressful. All too often, our commitments to work or events that go beyond our control increase the stress in our bodies which can have devastating consequences over the long term. Continue reading “Different Ways to De-Stress Your Mind, Body and Soul”