Different Ways to De-Stress Your Mind, Body and Soul

Take time to relax and be stress free!

To live well means to strike the right balance between spirituality, family, work and play. It is when we get out of balance that our lives start becoming more stressful. All too often, our commitments to work or events that go beyond our control increase the stress in our bodies which can have devastating consequences over the long term.

Too much stress over a long period of time increases the chances for heart attacks, coronary artery disease, and a depressed immune system that can lead to all types of devastating effects. For many, the stress will literally shorten their lives.

In order to restore tranquility and achieve that sense of wellbeing once again, it is important that we employ a number of relaxation techniques that will provide our bodies with the relief from stress and needed and offer better peace of mind as well.

What follows are 10 proven ways to de-stress the mind, body and soul so that you can feel better and improve your own health as well.


Many people use this type of therapy to relieve the stress that they are feeling during the day. The sense of smell is the only one that has a direct connection to the brain. It has been shown in many different studies that different pleasing smells have a powerful influence on our brain and this form of therapy has been used to treat anxiety, stress and even depression. For those who are looking at a simple, powerful way to help relieve stress, aromatherapy may be the answer.


One of the most popular ways to help find tranquility is through meditation. All you need to do is sit cross-legged on a mat or cushion, turn off your phone and your connection to the outside world. Now, sit quietly and concentrate on your breathing. Most meditation periods last up to 20 minutes or even longer depending on how long that you have been practicing. Once you’ve completed your mediation session, you will feel more relaxed and balanced.

Explore Nature

Whether you want to walk in the woods or enjoy a stroll in the park getting in touch with nature is like getting back to the basics. There is nothing like the sound of the wind through the trees or the running of a stream that helps you forget the troubles of the day. Find a place to walk around and enjoy the beauty that is around you. However, if the weather does not cooperate you can always pipe in natural sounds and close your eyes.

Eat Healthy

There is something about eating healthy that makes us feel good about ourselves. Healthy eating such as fruits and vegetables will not only be good for our bodies, but our minds as well. There is nothing like an apple, banana or a slice of tomato or watermelon that puts us in a good mood. Perhaps it is the properties of the fruits and vegetables that has the effect, but it is also in part how it brings us back to nature as well.


This is a great way to help relieve the stress and even reverse the effects as well. Good exercise will not only pull away your stress, it will also increase your own physical health as well. It is important to remember that your wellbeing is more than just your mental state, but your physical one as well. So be sure to engage in good exercise at least three to five times a week.


Laughter is said to be the greatest medicine of all and why not? It offers us a unique sense of relaxation and tranquility because it provides an escape from reality. A good laugh not only pulls away the stress, it also helps us live well also. Have a place you can go to enjoy a good laugh and let it take your anxiety away.

Singing and Dancing

It was not long ago that people all over the world would sing or dance regularly at home. Our ancestors fostered these qualities in their children because it not only brought entertainment, but it also helped to express our feelings as well. Take a little time to sing when driving in your car or go out and dance when you can to help relieve the anxiety in your life.

Herbal Tea

For thousands of years, herbs have been used to cure a wide variety of illnesses and tea has helped us rest and relax as well. Combining the two is only natural and today millions of people enjoy a good cup of tea to help them relax and take away their troubles. Herbal tea has many good qualities, but the act of drinking the tea helps put us in a restful state of mind.

Play a Game

People who enjoy card and board games often find themselves reaching a level of tranquility that is hard to match in any other way. You can build a puzzle, solve a crossword or just play a few games either alone or with friends. Playing games is a great way to put yourself in another place and forget the troubles of the day.

Lie Down

Sounds simple enough, but it does take more than just putting yourself in a horizontal position on the bed, couch or ground. You must be able to calm the mind as well. This will take a little concentration, but you will want to imagine yourself in a place where you are doing other things. Taking a break from yourself is a great way to reduce your stress levels.


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