Life is a Gift – 10 Gifts to Yourself

10 Gifts to Give Yourself

Most people think that gift giving is meant only for others to receive. However, you must give gifts to yourself in order to maintain a healthy balance in life. While you don’t have to give yourself a gift every day, it does help to nurture who you are every so often by giving the gifts that really count. Here are ten gifts that you can give freely to yourself which will help you in many different ways.

“The Meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away” – Pablo Picasso

Peace of Mind

When you consider that nothing lasts forever, it is important to embrace the present and give yourself the ability to count your blessings and focus on what you have. So far, no one can accurately predict the future and no one has developed a time machine so that you can leap forward or backward to correct the mistakes you have and will make in your life. So, be accepting that not all things are under your control and if there is nothing that you can do about something, then let go of the worry and anxiety that comes with fretting over what you cannot do. Peace of mind is a gift that keeps on giving if you only let it into your life.

Be Open Minded

Along with peace of mind is being open-minded to the changes that will happen in your life. Change is the only constant in the universe, so you will have to accept that things will eventually change one way or another. By embracing change when it happens and enjoying the personal growth that it brings, you can lead a happier, more loving life as a result. Just remember that letting go can be more powerful than trying to hold on.

Rest Up

Of all the evolutionary changes that human beings have undergone over the millenniums, the need for sleep is one that no one has yet been able to overcome. Everyone needs rest and relaxation in their lives which means that you need to make time for it. Otherwise, you will wind up making poor decisions, acting out of emotion rather than thought, and in some cases actually fall asleep when you shouldn’t like when driving your vehicle. So, give yourself the time to get plenty of rest and relaxation and you’ll enjoy life even more.

Life for Your Dream

Since life is full of the unexpected, there are no “safe” choices to make when it comes to your career or your lifestyle. If your heart tells you to go one way and your logic center tells you to play it safe, it is best to pursue your dreams of success regardless of the risk. This is because even safe choices can fail just like taking chances. So, you might as well take the chance on what you really want to do instead of pursing the false choice of playing it safe.

Good Health

By eating right and exercising you can give yourself the gift of good health and wellbeing which will last for a very long time. While proper eating and exercise may not extend your life by one day, you’ll be enjoying those days instead of being sick and miserable. So, you might as well provide yourself with the gift that lets you live life fully all thanks to good health.

Do What Matters

One gift that not enough people embrace is the one where you do what actually matters in your life. All too often, people get sidetracked on things that make no difference when they should be focused on what really matters in their lives. So, it is important to take the time and focus on what matters first so that you can enjoy all the little things in life that bring you such joy.


Kindness is an interesting gift because it is usually one that you give to others and not yourself. However, when you give out kindness there are so many people who will share your gift and then give it in return. You may find yourself on the receiving end, but in any event the gift of kindness is on that reaps many rewards even if you never see it from others. So, be kind to yourself and share it with others to make the world a better place to live.

The Gift of Imperfection

It’s interesting just how many times people mess up and make mistakes in their lives, even obvious mistakes. However, that is okay when you give yourself the gift of accepting your imperfections. As long as you are trying your best if something gets in the way then so be it. Choose to accept your imperfections as a part of who you are and go out in the world as your true self. It is the only way to live as your imperfections are an important part of the material that makes up your being.


Be grateful for what you have and for those in your life because that is what you need to survive and grow. You should even be grateful for the negative things in your life because this allows you to focus and make the positive changes you need to reach and fulfill your dreams.


It may seem strange that you can give yourself the gift of forgiveness, but you can by forgiving yourself for mistakes that are made and to others who have done you wrong. It is very important to forgive others as well as yourself because it brings peace of mind. When you are filled with anger or hate towards someone that has done you wrong, you are only tying yourself to them in a way that is holding you back. By forgiving their transgressions, you are not only freeing yourself, but you are also allowing the opportunity for your heart to heal and grow.

Understanding that life is truly a gift will help you achieve your dreams of happiness and success if you only take the time to embrace the gift of being alive each and every day.

“Life is a gift. Never forget to enjoy and bask in every moment you are in” – Celestine Chua


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