What Makes a Great Corporate Gift?

Corporate Gifts
Build office and client relationships with our gifts

Corporate gifts are one of the simplest and most effective ways to show appreciation and to build up a relationship between management and employees or clients. There are a number of reasons why you should choose gifts as imposed to other forms of incentives for your employees as well as finding the right type of gift that works well for potential new clients.

However, in order to provide such gifts you’ll not only need to find the one that is appropriate, but one that is in a category that does not imply something else or is beyond what is considered tactful. This may be a trickier balancing act than you might otherwise realize when it comes to corporate gifts.

The Steps to Effective Gift Giving

There are a number of steps you will need to observe before you can provide the right type of gift to your employees or clients. Just remember to look over the guideline before you start choosing what to offer, otherwise you might be providing something that is inappropriate or can be misconstrued as something else.

Make Sure that it is Appropriate: Whether rewarding an employee for their service or trying to show appreciation for a client, you will need to make sure that the gift is appropriate in its nature. This will mean finding something that meets expectations without being too personal or too lavish. When working with new clients, something that is appreciated without seeming too personal is the right approach. Plus, you will want to restrict such giving to very special occasions such as major holidays for example, at least when it comes to clients.

The Right Timing: This is arguably the least understood, yet one of the most important elements when it comes to deciding the type of gift that you should offer. The holiday season is arguably a no-brainer when it comes to giving, but there are other times of the year when it will need to be considered. One for birthdays, the anniversary of when an employee started on the job or when you initiated the business relationship with a client are also examples of good timing. Completion of an important project or even the birth of a child are often examples of good timing if you provide the right type of gift.

How Much to Personalize: For simple gifts such as coffee mugs for example, the company name and logo are certainly appropriate as they tone down the gift from being too personal and help in advertising your business as well. However, something that reflects an individual accomplishment will need to be more personalized if only to recognize the person in a better light.

Appropriate Presentation: It’s often just how a gift is presented that makes all the difference in the world. It will need to be appropriate for the present that is being offered and will require a hand-written card to show the right amount of appreciation as well. Here, it is easy to go overboard and build up the gift too much, especially in terms of either mailing it or presenting it in person. In many cases, simply mailing the present is the appropriate action since it does not build up the idea that such a gift needs to be responded to in any particular way, just appreciated for what it is.

The Best Types of Gifts

The effect of giving is one thing, but what type of gift can be something else. Fortunately, there are a number of different possibilities that you can use in order to reward an employee or show your appreciation for a particular client in the right possible manner.

Office Items: This is arguably the safest type of present you can give to an employee or client if only because they are generally practical, in good taste and cannot be misconstrued as something else. After all, giving a fountain pen with your business logo on it is providing your employee or client with a good pen that they can use.

Food: This is certainly one of the most common types of corporate gift baskets as it offers a number of delicious treats that can be enjoyed quickly by the recipient. They are especially appropriate for the holiday season and can be shared with others as well. You will need to be a little creative if the gourmet gift baskets are a personal one to an employee or client who may be a vegetarian or a diabetic.

Tea: The days of offering liquor or wine may be fast ending, certainly for employees whom you don’t want to give the wrong impression as well as clients, unless you know they have a great personal fondness for wine. Tea gifts are nearly perfect choices because everyone loves a good cup of tea as it is long lasting and will be enjoyed for some time to come without being too personal.

Silk Flower Arrangements: These are more for personal gift giving to individuals who have stood out for their achievement or to mark a very special day in their lives. The achievement of a large project or the anniversary of one makes this type of gift perfect for an employee while celebrating the day you signed an agreement with a client also marks an appropriate occasion for silk flower arrangements that will last a very long time.

Event Tickets: This is a more personal type of gift for someone whom you know loves a particular artist that is coming to town or has affection for the local team. Just be sure that the tickets are well enough in advance so that they can plan their afternoon or evening out, but if done right you can really make a great impression especially if they are tickets that are difficult to get.



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