The Power of Positive Thinking Can Improve Your Lifestyle

Positive Thinking
Power of Positive Thinking

Oftentimes we’ve had someone tell us to “see the cup as half full” or “look on the bright side of things” when we are less optimistic about something or a situation. Individuals who make these comments are positive thinkers (at least chances are very good that they are) and positive thinkers tend to be full of optimism; a tendency to believe, expect or hope things will turn out well regardless of the situation faced. That explains why as optimists they’re healthier; less stressed and have a greater overall wellbeing.

Optimism breeds a plethora of benefits to your health, psychologically and physiologically. Ask positive thinkers. They are healthier physically and psychologically irrespective of the setbacks that are inherent in their daily activities. While positive thinking doesn’t come naturally to everyone, it is possible to cultivate it through affirmations and positive self-talk.

Reasons You Should Cultivate Optimism (and Positive Thinking)

1: You will cope better with stress – Positive thinkers cope better and efficiently when under stressful situations than pessimists do. Rather than dwelling on why things can’t change for the better or the unending frustrations, positive thinkers concentrate on their next move, in the form of seeking advice and mapping out plans and devising their next plan of action.

The same, however, cannot be said of pessimists. Their lifestyle doesn’t improve much seeing as they quickly give up and assume the stressful situation is out of their control. Pessimists focus a lot on the negative and why there’s nothing they can do to change their situation.

2: Optimism improves your immunity – Positive thinking influences your body’s immunity. Scratch that. Your positive attitude and thoughts have an especially powerful influence on your immunity. So it’s possible for your body to fight off diseases and respond with positive emotions that lead to a stronger immune system. Activation in brain areas with negative emotions typically leads to a weaker immune response. This is according to a study done by researchers about the brain and optimistic associations. To exhibit a stronger immune response, the study showed that one has to be optimistic about an important and particular part of their life such as how well they’re doing in school, and whatnot.

3: Positive thinking encourages good health – There is no better way to increase your lifespan, cope with immunity and stressful situations than to think positively. Positive thinking also has an impact on your overall wellbeing. In a nutshell, you will live a healthier lifestyle. Some of the health benefits associated with optimism include reduced risk of death from heart diseases, an increased lifespan and less depression.

4: Optimism makes you more resilient – Rather than falling apart because of stress, optimists have the amazing ability to cope with problems. They have the ability to carry on and in the end overcome similar adversity later on in life.


One thought on “The Power of Positive Thinking Can Improve Your Lifestyle

  1. Schkai Scheer

    I noticed back when I was fresh out of high school, I was a very angry (very) person. Always dark and moody… and always sick too! Since then I’ve gone through a huge change, got a few mentors and it really changed my life and since I really jumped in with both feet into this lifestyle, I can honestly say I’ve only had maybe 2 days in the last 6 years I actually had to take a day to get over something. I’d say it’s worth looking into positive thinking to anyone else not sure about it 🙂


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