How Aromatherapy Benefits Your Meditation

Aromatherapy and Meditation
Enjoy Meditation with Aromatherapy

Meditation is one of the simplest, yet most effective methods to relieve stress and anxiety. Around the world, millions of people engage in various forms of meditation that help the mind and body overcome all types of issues.

As part of the meditation process, aromatherapy has also been used to augment the results. Since the dawn of human culture, people have been smudging and anointing themselves with various scents and smells in order to better focus the mind. Even many churches and temples burn incense to invoke a particular scent that helps their parishioners. Continue reading “How Aromatherapy Benefits Your Meditation”

The 10 Steps to Meditation

Meditation can be performed in many ways

When it comes to relieving the stress and anxiety that builds up during the day, few methods are more effective than meditation. For many, the practice of meditation brings about a calm, inner peace that wipes away the troubles that have been building up over time. Furthermore, for those who practice the art of meditation on a regular basis, it often provides a platform for better health and an overall greater enjoyment of life. Continue reading “The 10 Steps to Meditation”

Different Ways to De-Stress Your Mind, Body and Soul

Take time to relax and be stress free!

To live well means to strike the right balance between spirituality, family, work and play. It is when we get out of balance that our lives start becoming more stressful. All too often, our commitments to work or events that go beyond our control increase the stress in our bodies which can have devastating consequences over the long term. Continue reading “Different Ways to De-Stress Your Mind, Body and Soul”