10 Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

10 Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

If you find yourself feeling tired or draggy during the day, it may be because you have not gotten enough rest at night or that your body is simply working at a different pace than you want. For millions of people around the world, they use a number of techniques in order to stay energized throughout the day.

“The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.” – Anthony Robbins

Whether you need a boost in the morning to get your day off to a good start or one in the afternoon to overcome the natural tiredness that many people feel before their second wind kicks in, there are a number of natural ways that you can stay energized.

10 Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

Aromatherapy: Here, thanks to the use of essential oils, you can actually stay more alert at work. There are certain essential oils that will help energize you in the right way, providing a little boost so that you can get going and focus your mind on work-related activities. You will need to choose the essential oils that can help clear the mind and focus the thoughts so you can be energized and ready to take on the events of the day.

Coffee: A good cup of coffee is a great way to start the day. Caffeine is a natural product that has been consumed for hundreds of years, so the body will be used to the effects. The trick is to not overload on caffeine so that you get too much energy which causes a jittery feeling followed by an energy crash. Instead, drink a cup of coffee and follow it with juice or water to dilute the effects so that you get the energy boost you want without going overboard.

Cold Water on the Face: It’s not just for movie heroes to wake up and fight the bad guys, splashing some cold water on your face has a revitalizing effect that stimulates your body. You can use a damp paper towel and rub your forehead and cheeks if you don’t want to get any water on your shirt or blouse. Splashing cold water while on your bathroom breaks can really help wake you up and provide the boost needed to help you get through your day.

Combat Eye Fatigue: Sitting in front of a computer screen all day will only cause your eyes to become fatigues which in turn affects the rest of the body. You can combat the eye fatigue in two ways, by exercising your eyes and resting them for short periods of time. Eye exercises consist of looking up, down and diagonally for short sessions a few times a day. You should also look away from your computer screen and rest your eyes for a few moments. Both of these techniques work very well to combat eye fatigue before it can begin.

Drinking Tea: While it is well known that coffee can give you a boost of caffeine, so can tea. In fact, drinking tea may be better than coffee in certain circumstances because the amount of caffeine is markedly lower. This makes tea the perfect drink in the afternoon when you need a little boost to get you through the rest of your day. Plus, for those who are a little sensitive to caffeine, tea makes an excellent alternative beverage which means you can drink it in the morning as well. Consider investing in tea to boost your energy levels.

Exercise Breaks: You do not have to get into shape for the Olympics, but working out on a daily basis helps considerably in boosting your energy levels. Plus, you can choose to exercise five to ten minutes during your breaks or lunchtime by walking around the block in order to bring up your energy and refocus your mind. By combining both, you can naturally boost your energy levels so that you can come back to work refreshed and ready to go.

Increase the Light: Arguably the best and most natural way to reset your body’s internal rhythms is to increase the amount of light where you work. The addition of light will help energize your body and make you feel more alert. This is because the mind and body naturally feel more restless at night when bedtime is calling and awake during the day thanks to the incoming sunlight. By turning on an extra lamp or using bulbs with higher lumens, you can boost the amount of light which will tell your body it’s time to work.

Light Lunch: You’ll want to eat for lunch a meal that provides you with plenty of slow burning carbohydrates, proteins, and unsaturated fats that give your body a boost without slowing you down. Salad, lean meats, and fruits are a great way to get the energy you need.

Stand Up: Sitting down for long periods of time not only saps your energy, it also negatively affects your body. Your body is built to move around and you’ll need to stand up every so often in order to receive an energy boost. In fact, there are now workstations designed for those who enjoy standing up so they can be more productive during the day. You do not have to stand all the time as that can be bad for your feet, but getting up once an hour for just a few minutes can make all the difference.

Upbeat Music: There are few things more natural than listening to music that raises your energy levels. However, you’ll want to choose the right music that provides movement and energy to your work efforts and does not become a distraction. This may mean selecting music that has no words so that they do not take away your attention or choosing selections from songs you enjoy, but does not make you get on the dance floor. There are specific collections of music designed to put energy in your life without pulling you away from the work of the moment.

By using one or more of these tips, you can find the energy you need to get through your day at work naturally. Remember to keep it all in moderation and make small changes at first so your body can adjust the right way.

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.” – Aristotle



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