10 Ways to Find Purpose and Passion in Your Life

10 Ways to Find Purpose and Passion

There will be times in most people’s lives where they will wonder why they are on their current path. To have a dead-end job or worse, a job that they don’t enjoy all to support themselves or their family which makes them feel trapped. The good news is that there are at least ten ways you can regain and find your passion in life. This is important because if you do not find your passion and pursue your dreams, it will only bring you more misery which affects your family as well.

Understand Your Unhappiness

Quite often, people do not know what it is that makes them unhappy even if they are doing it every day. This is because it’s easy to get distracted or consider things that are really not that important in your life and career ahead of what really fires up your passion. For example, being stuck in a job that makes you unhappy, even when advancing upwards will not create any more happiness or satisfaction with what you are doing means that you will eventually need to leave the job before it gets the best of you. So, identify what it is that makes you unhappy and create the necessary plans to switch over into doing what you love.

Play with an Open Heart

You should play like a child when you can because that unlocks the best part inside everyone. Play is the essential element when it comes to finding your passion because it reaches down into your primal being. So, when you play, do so like you were five years old again and experience all the joy that it will bring.

Look to Your Past

Your past stands as the foundation to your future. It provides for you the information needed to see what you loved to do and where you have traveled on your journey to the place where you reside today. You will need to be aware that some interest will pass with time while others can be quite strong and stay with you. So, use your past as a guide to the future and you will have a better place to make the right decision for your life.

Know What You Love to Do

It’s amazing how many people overlook the passion and purpose in their life when it is staring them in the face. Get to know what you love to do, what sparks your passion and then make plans to pursue them. Everyone has a dream inside and you have to find out what yours is before you can take off and run towards what makes you happy. The question is not whether you have a passion or purpose, it’s identifying what it is and making the most out of it.

Write a New Story

Remember that you are the author of your own story, so you can write a new one anytime that you want and start over if need be. A quote from an old movie, “Okay Finnegan, let’s begin again.” showed how the character of Finnegan managed to handle the changes in is life by writing a new story that matched his passion.

Take Things More Slowly

It helps to break away from all the things that are occupying your mind and instead really see what your passion is all about. You may have to meditate, take long walks, or even talk to yourself in order to slow down and find out what it is that is making you unhappy or how you can finally pursue your dreams. If speed indeed kills, then you will want to slow down in order to avoid a potential pitfall that might derail your efforts at finding your purpose and passion.


One of the simplest and most interesting forms of communication these days on the internet is podcasts which are essentially audio recorded broadcasts across the internet. The good news about podcasts is that the can be found in all types of industries and interests which means that if you are trying to find what makes you passionate, a podcast from an interest that you have acts as a resource that will help you zero-in on your passion. You may have to go through several to find one that really connects with you, but the good news is that there are so many podcasts filled with people expressing their passion that it can really help you find your own.

Put it On Paper

One easy trick to help you find your purpose and passion is to take it from your mind and make it reality by putting it to paper or computer screen if need be. By making the transference, you are pulling your passion and purpose from the world of imagination and dreams and taking it into reality.

Try New Things

Sometimes you don’t really know until you actually try it. So, if you believe you have an interest in being a stand-up comedian, then prepare a few jokes and go to open-mike night at your local comedy club. You’ll find out rather quickly whether this is something that you really want to do or not. But even if it turns out not to be for you, at least you actually tried which means that you will know for sure and you won’t spend the rest of your life second-guessing that decision.

Ask for Help

You will need to be careful here because you should be asking for assistance to help you realize your dream, not what you intend to do. Friends and family are present to love, honor, and support you, but they will also try to protect you from making what they might think is a foolish decision on your part. Remind them that you will need their support in order to succeed and that you are already committed to the path that you are on. So, find the help needed to make your dreams come true and unlock the passion that is inside you.

By finding your true purpose that fills you with passion, you’ll be able to pursue what make you happy and in turn your family and friends will be there for support.

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson



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