Chakras for Your Lifestyle and Wellbeing

Chakras for your lifestyle and wellbeing
Elevate Your Wellbeing by Balancing Chakra Energy

Around the world, people are looking for answers and better ways to improve their wellbeing that they are not finding in their daily lives. So, it is probably no surprise that ancient forms of therapy are making a comeback as they can provide a better sense of wellbeing for those who lead busy lives.

One practice that has made a strong comeback is chakras and their proper alignment in the body that better directs the flow of energy. But what are chakras and how can they be used to help people get what they need out of their lives?

What is a Chakra?

Basically, Chakra is a Sanskrit work that translates into disk or wheel. When it comes to meditation and yoga, chakra refers to the disks or wheels of energy that can be found in the body. There are seven chakras which are involved in aligning the spine from the base up to the top of the head. You can actually visualize a chakra in the body as a whirling mass of energy on a disk where our consciousness meets with matter.

The energy of our life force, called Prana, helps keep us alive, vibrant and healthy. The energy is tied to our major organs as well as the spine which can influence our own psychology. The universe is all about movement as we live on a planet that is constantly moving through our galaxy as it rotates around the sun. Just as our planet is moving, so must we move in order to keep our chakras properly aligned. It is the relationship of the chakras and our body that helps direct this energy so that we can get the most out of it.

The seven primary chakras include the following:

  • Root: Security, Survival and Livelihood
  • Crown: Understanding of Ourselves beyond the Physical
  • Sacral: Creativity and Expression
  • Heart: Give and Receive Love
  • Solar Plexus: Sense of Self Worth and Identity
  • Throat: Communication of our Thoughts
  • Third Eye: Wisdom, Common Sense, Memory, Intelligence and Dreams

The understanding of how the chakras work in the body is the first step towards unleashing their positive energy so that they can have a beneficial effect. By accessing each chakra and turning them towards our advantage, a person can help lead a better lifestyle and show great amounts of self improvement.

How do Chakras affect Your Wellbeing?

The direction of energy in your body is crucial to living a better lifestyle and augmenting the feeling of wellbeing. In many cases, a person’s feeling about their own health is greatly influenced by the alignment of energy in their bodies. By using traditional methods that include meditation and prayer, you can help your body regain the alignment it once had so that you feel better and become healthier.

Chakras are not the end-all, be-all when it comes to your health, but you do greatly improve your lifestyle and wellbeing when you spend a few moments engaging in techniques designed to bring out your chakras so that the energy flow is constant and on-target. In fact, one of the more interesting and easy to perform methods of unleashing the energies found inside the chakras is through the use of aromatherapy.

How Chakras and Aromatherapy can Work Together?

As part of your efforts to improve your wellbeing through the proper alignment of the chakras, essential oils have proven to be a marvelous method of assisting with the spiritual growth as well as assisting with the ailments which plague the body.

Essential oils have been around for many centuries and have proven to have positive benefits on the mind as well as the body. Today, these oils are making a strong comeback as people discover the natural benefits that they bring, particularly in conjunction with the attention paid to chakras and other elements that can help provide you with better wellbeing. In addition, many essential oils may be mixed with carrier oils such as olive or coconut oils and applied to the body where the chakras can be released.

Whether breathed in through the nose, rubbed onto the body, essential oils and chakras can work together to help bring a better state of wellbeing with the body. However, it is aromatherapy that may have the most powerful effect on the body itself when working with the chakras.

Aromatherapy is where essential oils are used the most as they are breathed in where they have a positive, powerful effect on the mind. In fact, of the five senses only smell has a direct connection to the brain which is why it is so powerful.

Balancing Chakras with Aromatherapy

To achieve the proper balance between aromatherapy and chakras starts by engaging in self improvement plan that gradually takes in both methods over time so that they become part of your lifestyle. All too often, people dive into both without knowing what to expect or worse, expecting that everything will change immediately.

Instead, the proper way to engage in chakras and aromatherapy is to start slowly with just a few minutes out of your day. Aromatherapy can consist of simply putting a few drops of essential oils in an essential oil diffuser and meditating for just a few moments as the odor of the oils is breathed in. After a few sessions over the course of a week, you’ll start to really feel better as your chakras start to find better balance in your body and mind.

To engage in the proper techniques over time is how you can achieve the right balance of chakras and aromatherapy so that your wellbeing is improved as it becomes a part of your lifestyle.

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And Today? Today is gift. That’s why we call it the present – Babatunde Olatunji


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