10 Ways to Show Your Partner You Care

Show your Partner You Care

A relationship is made up of many things, but one of the most important is actually demonstrating love and affection to your partner. Especially in the early stages once the relationship has been established for a while, it is very important to show your partner how much you care.

Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. — Robert A. Heinlein

Here are five ways that women can show their partners and five ways that men can demonstrate their love and affection as well.

Show Him Your Appreciation

There is not a man on the Earth who doesn’t like to be appreciated. You can write him a little thank you note or just tell him you appreciate what he had done for you. It helps if you tie the appreciation to something that he has accomplished even if it is something small. The more you can demonstration your appreciation for what he had done, the better he will feel about himself and about you. While men often put up a good front, deep down they enjoy being appreciated for what they have done.

Let Him Know How Handsome He Is

Everyone likes to be reminded how attractive they are, even men. Tell him how handsome he is and watch his confidence grow. It will remind him how you feel about him and what you think about your man. It is important that every so often he is reminded about his good looks and that will help your relationship grow. Plus, many men do not think of themselves as good looking or handsome and it is nice to be reminded just how you think of them.

Be Interested in His Plans

If he is planning a date night for the both of you, get interested. You’ll want to thank and hug him for his efforts. When he is making plans for the both of you, be encouraging and show that you really appreciate his efforts. Of course, you can offer suggestions for your date night, but if he is making plans for the both of you, then you should acknowledge and appreciate what he is doing.

Buy a Gift for Him at Work

If your man has wanted something lately or perhaps you just feel like giving him a gift, surprise him with one at work. You can shop online for the right gift ideas that will make his day like a gourmet gift basket or perhaps a watch, something that will let him know you care and make for a better, happier day at work. He will appreciate your thoughts and efforts while he is at work.

Keep your Promises

If you make him a promise, do your level best to keep it. This should be a promise that comes from your heart and not one that is cajoled out of you. Keeping promises will build trust into your relationship and demonstrate to him just how much you care. Not keeping promises means that your words are not backed up by your actions and this will have a debilitating effect.

And, here are five ways that men can show their partners how much you love them. You’ll notice that some of the ways are the same as the women must do for you. This is not coincidental as men and women are more alike than you might realize.

Leave Notes & Letters

It’s quite often the little things that really make your partner’s day. Writing a short love letter or note ‘just because’ lets her know that you are thinking about her which demonstrates your feelings in a simple, loving way. You can even write a few letters in advance if you like and have them around when you feel like sending her a note of love. Or, you can make writing such notes a daily occurrence just because you care.

Constant Pursuit

Even though a relationship means that you have captured her heart, do not think in such terms. The relationships that stand the test of time are founded on constantly pursuing each other that avoids getting bogged down into routines. Keep in mind that while she may be yours, she is still worthy of pursuing and that leads to finding new, exciting, adventures that keeps your relationship fresh. In addition, it will freshen up your feelings about her and create even more excitement in the relationship.

Always Listen

Whether you agree or not, it is vital that you listen to your lady and let her know that what she says is very important. Take the time to sit and listen to her while she speaks and that will say volumes about how much you care about her. Ask questions so that you are clear that you heard her correctly and be active when she is talking so that you can respond properly. The more you are clear on her point of view, the stronger your relationship will become.

If you Make a Promise, Keep It

She’ll want to know that when the going gets tough you’ll be there for her. If you make a promise, do your very best to make sure it is kept and then some. This is especially important on the day to day matters so that she will know she can trust you. Remember, trust is earned in every relationship and all the talk in the world does not make up for failing to deliver on a promise. So, when in doubt don’t make a promise that you cannot be sure to keep and at least you won’t fall into the trap of over promising.

Remind Her that She is Beautiful

It may sound a bit silly, but telling your lady just how beautiful she is will mean so very much to her. Your reminders will tell her that she is loved and appreciated. You’ll want to tell her she is beautiful during the good times and the bad. Plus, you are reminding her that she is beautiful and this will boost her spirits during the times in which she may not feel so wonderful.

Showing your partner how much you care is a vital part of your relationship. Be sure to keep things fresh between the two of you and your relationship will go far.

“The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.” — Helen Keller


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