How Gift Giving Can Lead To Happiness

Gift giving and Happiness
Give a gift of happiness

There is little doubt that gift giving is a big business especially around the holidays. Of course, gifts are given all throughout the year, so why is it so popular for most people to give gifts so often? There is no simple answer, but there is an overall theme of how giving can help a person find happiness.

It may seem strange at first that giving gifts on a regular basis can help a person become happy. After all, the joy that is seen on the faces of children Christmas morning around the world is not usually associated with gifts they give, but rather from the ones they receive. However, if you look at the parents’ faces when the gifts are opened, you’ll see a similar sense of joy and happiness as well.

Whoever said, “There is more happiness to giving than in receiving” was certainly on to something as so many people spend time daily looking over gift ideas so that can offer the perfect present to someone they care about. An entire industry has been built around gift giving with so many retail stores relying on so much of their income from those who purchase items only to give them to others.

So, how can you benefit from giving gifts to those you care about and perhaps those you may not know personally? The truth is that there is no single reason, but instead several that can help fill your life with happiness when your thoughts turn away from yourself and to others.

Giving as a Road to Happiness

The good news about giving is that the happiness it generates is not just once or twice a year, but in fact can be enjoyed at any time. Plus, there is no purchase price beyond the item you decide to give and you do not have to wrap it in a package either. This is because it is not so much the gift, but instead the thought behind what is given that provides the fuel for happiness.

However, it certainly does help if you go over some good gift ideas that fit the person to whom you are giving. After all, offering a lawn mower to someone who lives in an apartment is probably not something that they are going to use or get much out of unless they have a secret lawn they like to mow. So, you will need to do a bit of research to know what type of gift will be appreciated and used by the special people in your life.

How Giving Affects Your Life

There are a number of ways that the act of giving affects your life in a positive manner, all of which leads to more happiness. There is of course the experience of seeing someone happy when you provide the gift to them, but that is really just a small part of what makes this act so special.

Honor: When you give out of your sense of honesty, you are actually honoring yourself as well. All too often in this world people act in one fashion when they really have their own intentions elsewhere, so by being honest and sharing that with others you can help feed into the happiness that you deserve. This is not a selfish act, but instead one that demonstrates how you truly feel as well as your desire to help someone else be happy.

Being Open: By giving, you show others the real you. This reinforces honesty because giving demonstrates you heart and people in turn will be more receptive to you. They will ask more questions and be more willing to relate to who you are. This is because giving demonstrates to others who you are and it will help bring about a positive change in your relationships with friends and family. Remember, you do not have to be extravagant when you give, just choose the right gifts for the right occasions.

Show Concern for Others: In today’s world, it can be pretty easy to lose sight of what is important when the focus is on you. So, by taking the time to purchase and deliver the right gift you can break that trend and demonstrate to others how giving shows your concern. Whether your friend or family member is sick, in trouble or just needs a little uplift in their life, your action can help them feel better and put how they feel about you into an entirely new light.

Be Enthusiastic: With so much apathy in the world, the very act of giving can be quite powerful. When you consider how stressful life can be, the act of presenting someone else with a memento or present can provide a powerful jolt of energy. In fact, it can provide a bit of enthusiasm which is something that is sorely lacking today.

Everyone can use a gift from time to time, even those of us who may think we have everything that we need. The truth is that no one has everything and gifts are a way to show just how we feel about someone and how they feel about ourselves. When the gift comes from the heart, even if it only costs a few dollars, it shows just how important they are in your life. Giving is something that all of us have inside. It’s just a matter of finding the right outlet so that happiness can come in.

So, act on your instinct to give by taking the time to find the right gift for their needs and you’ll find your way on the road to happiness.


One thought on “How Gift Giving Can Lead To Happiness

  1. Sheila M Cronin

    “…offering a lawn mower to someone who lives in an apartment”–excellent and funny example. I enjoyed this article because it emphasizes good gifting. In my novel The Gift Counselor, I explore the strings attached to some gifts such as obligation, competition. Good gifts are free with no strings attached.


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