The Benefits of Drinking Tea

Drinking Tea

If you are not drinking tea, you are missing a lot in terms of health benefits. Apart from the fact that tea is a socializing drink, where people meeting in a restaurant and other social places grab a cup of coffee as they go on with their business, the beverage has been found to bring numerous health benefits. Credible research around this beverage point out that one or two cups daily will not only prolong your life but also make it quality as you will have avoided so many health issues.

For those who are looking forward to shedding some excess fat through exercise, a cup of green tea will not only help endure the process but also help in increasing the ability to burn fuel. This is what amounts to muscle endurance, an element that is very important during exercise and the whole process of reducing excess body fat.

Regular intake of tea can help in reducing the risk of a heart attack, it is also known to protect against some degenerative and cardiovascular diseases, therefore missing a cup of tea not only expose you to heart attack but also some conditions which can greatly affect your health.

Tea contains some vital antioxidants, which might help the body fight against some cancers such as breast, lung, small intestine, oral, esophagus among others cancers. This does not mean that you should solely rely on tea as a miracle cure and prevention substance, other remedies have also to be considered.

Regular intake of a cup of tea lowers the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. A study which also considered other factors such as age, body mass index, smoking and physical activity found that regular drinking of tea reduced the risk of developing the Parkinson’s disease.

It is important to limit our exposure to Ultra Violet Rays due to the risk involved but those who cannot avoid direct sunlight due to their nature of work will be happy to learn that tea may provide the needed protection against these rays. It acts as a backup sun screening shielding our skin from harmful rays.

If you have been smoking and have not managed to stop or find it hard to quit cigarettes, you may have some reason to smile. Tea has been found to counteract some negative effects of tobacco to some extent lessening the risk of cancer especially of lungs. This may be good news to those who may have difficulties trying to stop smoking but it is not at all meant encourage people to smoke, all efforts should geared towards quitting cigarette as their effects are well known.

For those who may be suffering from type 2 diabetes, tea is very beneficial; studies have shown that vital compounds in tea helps those who are suffering from diabetes to process their sugars better.

A study found that tea could work miracles in helping to reduce the waist circumference and subsequent lowering of Body Mass Index (BMI). In the study people who regularly consumed tea as well as those who did not were followed for sometime. It was found that those who regularly consumed tea had lower BMI and waist circumference. There are also unconfirmed reports that regular tea intake lowers the risk of metabolism syndrome, a condition that increase the risk of getting stroke, artery disease and diabetes.

Above all, a warm cup of tea not only keeps you warm but also helps relax .If you are in a tense situation, a cup of tea will help you calm down. In case you need a full concentration in class, during a meeting or a conference, a hot cup of tea will keep you alert and in full control of your senses. Take tea regularly and you will notice some changes in your life.




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