Ways for an Easy Ride to Dreamland

Sleeping Well
Ways to help you sleep well

You may have problems falling asleep at night. With creative or anxious thoughts going on and on in your head, you find that retiring yourself to sleep at night becomes a challenge instead of a chance to escape the ones already presented throughout the day.

These thoughts can sometimes be helpful in the sense that these could assist you in evaluating the things that happened during the day, and in planning for the things you have to do for the next. Even so, they are only constructive if done during the day, not when you are about to sleep.

If lying wide awake at the wee hours of the night has become a nuisance for you, and then you can try these steps to help you calm your mind and ease your way into falling asleep.

Keep a Journal or a Diary

As mentioned earlier, the very things that could disrupt your way to sleeping are your thoughts. You can get these out of your system by spilling all those creative juices on paper. By writing down your thoughts on a journal, or even a note-taking app on your mobile device, you can keep all those potentially useful thoughts for safekeeping and ultimately help yourself calm down.

Make use of Visual Imagery

It would help if you try to deepen your concentration and try to simply place your thoughts in an imaginary container. You can do this by visualizing the details of a storage object, such as a basket and imagine placing your thoughts to keep your mind clean and neat. This needs a lot of practice, but it definitely helps if mastered correctly.

Engage yourself in Meditation

Aside from helping you drift to sleep, meditation is also proven to have worked as a powerful anxiety buster. You can do this regularly so that you can reduce the occurrences of annoying thoughts from racing at the worst times of the day. You can learn the technique by reading self-help books or by enrolling in classes.

Sleep is the best meditation – Dalai Lama

Make use of Simple Aromatherapy

Fill the air with relaxing and calming essential oil aromas such as Lavender, Clary Sage, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Ylang-Ylang using an essential oil diffuser. With just a few drops you can create a relaxing retreat that will leave you feeling refreshed in the morning. our sense of smell (olfaction) is considered to be the most powerful of the human senses since it is immediately recognized.

Do not give your Mind a Reason to Over-think before going to sleep

You can do this by completing all the tasks you have at hand way before you do your bedtime routines. This requires a lot of time management and perseverance. Nevertheless, as long as circumstances allow you to finish everything before you sleep, do so. 

Make your bed an Exclusive Place for sleep

Nothing causes more anxiety and is thought provoking than sleeping on a bed that is also used for doing homework or unfinished office work. Keep your school and work related things away from your bed so that as soon as you hit the hay, your mind will be conditioned to take a rest instead of doing more work.


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