Finding and Living a Life of Zen

Inner Peace

In today’s hectic world it can be very difficult to find peace of mind. For those who are seeking out a life of Zen, it takes a combination of persistence, patience, and following the right pathway in order to achieve your goals. The good news is that living a life of Zen is not all that difficult and the rewards it brings far outweigh whatever cost is associated with the pursuit. However, you will need to find the right path to achieve your Zen and live it every day. Continue reading “Finding and Living a Life of Zen”

How to Forgive Yourself and Others

Forgive Yourself and Others

Forgiving others and especially yourself can seemingly be a very hard task to accomplish. However, if you have pent-up feelings that have lasted for a long time, then you will need to start forgiving in order to move forward. The process begins when you start identifying the feelings that you may have about yourself or what others have done to you over the course of your life. Continue reading “How to Forgive Yourself and Others”