How to Improve Your Skin Naturally

Natural Skincare
Improve Skin Naturally

When looking for ways to improve the skin, there are numerous methods that have been used for thousands of years that have created dramatic results over that time. While many of today’s skin care products are petroleum-based or use harsh chemicals to achieve their effect, there are safe, natural ways to improve the overall look of your skin.

Proper skin care starts by how you take care of yourself and then addressing the needs of your skin. The skin is a reflection of personal health and wellbeing, so the better you eat and exercise, the healthier and more vibrant that you will look.

However, in addition to eating a proper diet and getting plenty of exercise there are natural methods that you can use to help keep your skin tighter and more youthful as you grow older. Here are just some of the things that you can do in order to create a more youthful appearance for your skin.


Drinking enough water each day keeps the skin fully hydrated which in turn helps keep the collagen underneath the skin plump and supple.

Limit Sun Exposure

The sun can cause a great deal of damage to the skin over time. For most people, exposing their skin to the sun results in the loss of collagen and the skin becomes less flexible and more susceptible to damage over time. While proper tanning is considered by many to be attractive and flattering, over time the process will damage the skin and the collagen underneath which in turn will create more lines and wrinkles. So, consider staying out of the sun as much as possible and wear protection if you go outside for extended periods of time.


Free radicals in the body cause premature aging to the skin, breaking down the collagen and helping to cause fine lines and wrinkles before their time. Antioxidants suppress and destroy these free radicals that your body generates, meaning that your skin, hair and nails will retain a more youthful appearance. Regular consumption of antioxidants will result in a healthier glow to your skin, so green tea should be one of the items on your list to consume regularly. A cup or two of green tea per day will provide your body with the antioxidants that it needs to fight off the free radicals.


Many toothpaste products contain chemicals that can actually contribute to a skin condition called perioral dermatitis which happens around the lips and mouth. These ingredients may cause redness, pimples and even scaling around the mouth which may require antibiotics to clear up. You should instead using a basic toothpaste with no additional ingredients as a way to keep the skin clear. The fact that the brushing action is responsible for most of the removal of plaque and tarter buildup should help in keeping your teeth clean and bright.

Water-Based Hair Products

You should be wary of hair products that contain oils and waxes since they can clog up the pores of your skin. This is especially true along the scalp, forehead, neck and back where most of the products are applied. Even rinsing carefully cannot pull away all of the oil, so instead look for water-based hair products that do not leave behind any residue. This will help to minimize breakouts and lead to improved skin conditions.


It may seem strange that relaxation can have a positive effect on the skin. However, the ability to relax and reduce the levels of stress in your life can have a powerful effect. This is because stress causes an increase in the production of cortisol which decreases the ability of the skin to fight off bacteria that causes acne. In fact, stress has a debilitating effect throughout the body, so finding ways to reduce stress levels and relax will have a positive effect when it comes to your health and wellbeing.


In addition to relaxation, getting enough sleep at night is an important part of improving the overall look and appearance of your skin. When we sleep our bodies regenerate which means that having nights of uninterrupted sleep where we can fully recover allows the skin to repair itself during this time. You’ll need to have clean sheets and pillow cases to avoid any oils being stuck to the skin which may clog up the pores.

Better Air Quality

It is a well-known fact that smoking has a debilitating effect on the skin which is why avoiding it can help retain your natural skin appearance. However, there are other types of indoor environments that can also have a negative effect on the skin as well. By taking steps to clear up indoor air pollution, you can create a more positive environment for your skin.

  • Change air filters frequently on your furnace
  • Use a fan over your stove if you cook with oils
  • Purchase a humidifier to prevent dry skin

Just taking these three steps alone can help your skin considerably over time. Remember to keep the humidifier in the bedroom where you sleep so you can breathe easier at night.

Drink Less Dairy Products

Studies have shown that people who drink a considerable amount of milk are upwards of 30% more likely to develop acne and suffer from skin breakouts. There is no singular cause, but it is known to happen especially among teenage girls. So, reducing your dairy intake should help reduce the chances of acne breakouts from occurring.

Taking these simple steps can help you keep your skin healthy and looking more youthful as you age. It is the combination of little things done together that will maximize the health and wellbeing of your skin.


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