A Glimpse Into Cross Cultural Gift Giving

Cross Cultural Gift Giving
Gift giving is practiced all over the world

Many countries and cultures have wide variations in their historical backgrounds and development, and this has brought about different and even conflicting practices. For instance, in some cultures making loud slurping noises while eating noodles is seen as rude, while, in other cultures, it’s a sign of appreciation to the cook. So you can imagine how jarring it can be to go from one context to the other, and vice versa. Gift giving is another practice where different cultures do things in a wide variety of ways. Social cues may work very differently, and an attempt to show appreciation might end up as an insult to the host. That said, it must also be emphasized that many gift-giving practices are different, even within regions. So the residents of Alaska and Florida may do some things differently, even if they’re both in North America. What follows are some specific examples. Continue reading “A Glimpse Into Cross Cultural Gift Giving”