How Can We Play Our Part to Save the Planet?

With every natural disaster it seems that we are helpless to do anything about it. However, humanity has contributed to the change in the climate which means that we can reverse the effects. 

It will not be the creation of big things by the few that will save the planet. Instead, it will be the contribution by many of small things that when added together will make the difference. If you are interested in saving the planet, there are things that you can do starting right now that will help lead to a better tomorrow. 


The first step towards saving the planet starts with the items you have today. Do an inventory of all items that you use on a regular basis. Start with the kitchen and look at the appliances that are being used. Are they energy efficient? If not, you may want to consider purchasing appliances that use less energy. 

Next, look at the other rooms in your home starting with those that contain televisions and other electronic equipment. If there are energy efficient counterparts to the items you already own, then you should consider purchasing them if they will save you a significant amount of money over time. 

There is no question that climate change is happening; the only arguable point is what part humans are playing in it. – David Attenborough

Purchase Used or Recycled Items

There are advantages to purchasing older items, especially if new ones do not bring all the advantages that you desire. Purchasing a used car means one less new car is needed. But the same is true for bicycles and many other local products. 

Not only does it mean one less new item has to be made, but it can also save on the packaging as well. Look to secondhand stores, garage sales, and other sources of used items to purchase. In addition to helping the environment, it can help you save money as well. 

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